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How to transfer money from India to Germany – Best Options

Germany presented the EUR as the country’s true lawful delicacy in 2002, later a temporary period which saw the transitioning away from the past money, the German Deutschemark. That very year, The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) was presented as the new monetary controller of Germany to send money from India to Germany.

Money transfer from India to Germany-Tax Implications

RBI’s permits people to transmit unfamiliar trade of a limit of US$250,000 (or same) per Indian monetary year.How to transfer money from India to Germany for this mostly people can send money for abroad trades as per policy.

  • Abroad educational expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Care for loved ones
  • Emigration charges
  • Employment
  • Visa expenses
  • International Visits

The singular necessities to hold a suitable record at a RBI approved vendor, by and large a bank having worldwide branches.The individual requirements to send cash from India to Germany to a particular bank, using which the singular will make all new exchange repayments under the LRS. The individual can similarly make abroad settlements through a component that isn’t a bank (but has fitting approval from the RBI to deal in a new exchange), yet the settlement should be upheld by a bank.

What to focus on for sending money from India to Germany?what to focus on for sending money from India to germany

There can be many explanations behind you to send money from India to Germany – everyday costs, school expenses, business purposes. So relying upon your prerequisites, you will likewise pay special attention to the underneath measures when utilizing a web-based settlement

  • Dependability – How solid is the money transfer service you are picking?or do you want to depend more.
  • Speed – How before long do you want it to arrive? 
  • Exchange rates –Rates are reliable or not?
  • Transaction Fee – Are you paying more than you ought to? Sending cash utilizing a charge or Mastercard might have expenses connected.
  • Location – How simple was the experience beginning to end? Location is genuine or not?.
  • Follow up – Do you have the option to follow the interaction on the web? Or then again you really want to call the client care or visit the branch.

Send Money From India To Germany INR to EUR – Exchange Rates

send money from India ton Germany INR-EUR exchange rates

INR to EUR – Get best transfer rate from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Other Indian Cities using online money transfer companies to Germany for Money Transfers and Remittance. While moving money online from India to Germany, Money Transfer companies will really need to save money concerning genuine exchange rates, low trade costs and any snares related to overall trades.

Best Methods to send money from India to Germany

Best methods to send money from India to Germany 

  • Demand Draft
  • Transfer Using Forex Card
  • Online Remittance companies
  • Transfer Using Local Agent
  • Through Banks

Transfer using Demand Draft to Germany from India

Currently, let me let you know that sending cash utilizing a Demand Draft or International Beneficiary is certifiably not a decent choice. As it might require some investment and because of a raised conversion scale, you will wind up losing a lot of cash

Transfer Money Using Forex Card from India to Germany

transferring involving a Forex card can be a superior choice as though you settle on a Forex card then you don’t need to pay for the cross-money expenses which banks typically charge assuming the exchange is by means of a check card or Visa. You can stack your forex card in the cash you need to send and afterward execute a similar money. However,if you transfer money from India to Germany once more, the stacking and reloading of a forex card can have extra charges, and furthermore the swapping scale of the Forex card will be somewhat costly than the other two choices.

Top 3 Ways to transfer money from india to Germany

top 3 ways to transfer money from India to Germany

Sending cash all around the world to Germany from India can be a troublesome task given such incalculable associations ready to move your money abroad. You can use these top 3 options to transfer money from India to Germany.

  • Online Remittance companies
  • Through Banks
  • Transfer Using Local Agent

The last choice of utilizing on the web settlement organizations is the most ideal choice. The whole cycle is on the web and you will see that the conversion scale is far superior to banks. As the market has become serious, there is a wild contest among them which has brought about a decent swapping scale. Now and again the swapping scale is practically equivalent to the genuine conversion standard you would find in Google or Xe.

Top 10 – Online Remittance Companies From India To Germany

.We are a leading overseas money transfer company that specializes in sending money to Germany from India. We offer competitive exchange rates, as well as guarantees on the safety of your funds. Our online remittances are available for fast, secure international money transfers without the expense of traveling to an Indian bank branch.transferring money from India to Germany via online remittance companies, such as  an economical, secure and easy way to support overseas business partners,friends and family

  • Ria Money Transfer
  • Xpress Money
  • Migreat
  • Remit2India

Cheapest way to transfer money from India to Germany

 Cheapest Ways To Transfer Money From India To Germany-Top 10

We compare the best online remittance companies and offer the least expensive transfer to Germany from India.Online money transfer in India using online Remittance Companies is hassle-free and fast. You can transfer money to your family and friends in Germany in 3 simple steps.

Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer (Ria) is a premier international money transfer provider with strong presence in India. Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient money transfer services that bring financial solutions to customers from India and around the world. We are now offering our reliable money transfer services within the borders of the EU, for everyone who wishes to send money from India to Germany.


TransferWise is a web-based cash move administration, which allows you to move cash up to multiple times more efficiently than with a bank. It is one of the most well known applications/destinations and has the most elevated consumer loyalty evaluations on Google play and Trustpilot. TransferWise was established in 2010 by two monetary masters and its framework is flawlessly straightforward. It sidesteps expensive global installments altogether by utilizing two neighborhood moves rather than one worldwide exchange.

Xpress Money

Whether you’re making international money transfers from India to Germany or from Germany to India, Xpress Money is one of the best online money transfer company, that can offer you the lowest money transfer rates.


ExTravelMoney is an online money transfer for unfamiliar trade administrations in India. Sent off in December 2014, ExTravelMoney professes to have tie-ups with in excess of 4,000 unfamiliar trade outlets across India, so their clients can get the best rates.

Since ExTravelMoney goes about as an aggregator for unfamiliar trade suppliers, they show rates from rumored forex suppliers situated in the space fitting your personal preference. For instance, in the event that you might want to send cash from Mumbai it will provide results in the other areas of Mumbai.

Western union

Money transfer through western union from india to germany, fast and instant payment. We transfer money to all states in India, Germany and other countries. Apply for money now with our best service and low fee money transfer for you.

Money transfer through western union from india to germany is now free from What are you waiting for? Let’s select the best way to send money online to pay bills or friends and get cash money in a bank account with western union.


Migreat operates as an online money transfer service with a bureau de change access. Migreat is acting as an agent between the sender and delivery partners in India. The sender and receiver both need to be registered members.

 myGReat makes it easy for anyone to send money from India to Germany, 24/7. Whether you’re a tourist or planning for a big move, myGReat is your perfect partner for all your money transfer needs.

Remit2India, the world’s most cost-effective and trusted online money transfer service helps you to transfer funds from India to Germany at lowest costs. Our online remittance solutions help you to make fast, easy, secure and instant money transfers through our extensive network of banking channels. With our low costs, services like bill payments or online shopping can be made possible.


BookMyForex is the best money transfer option from India to Germany. provides a secure and convenient way to send money to Germany for both residents and non-residents.Save the money transfer operator fee effectively by transferring money from india to germany through


Indians based in India can send money to their family members and friends in Germany by utilizing Skrill’s secure global payments platform. With money transfer through Skrill from India to Germany, you have the freedom to share money with your loved ones anytime and anywhere!

Make quick and easy money transfer through skrill from india to germany with the great features such as no hidden charges, load your skrill wallet for free, instant money remittance upon entry master card verification.


India to Germany has had the highest flow of immigrants for eons. In order to provide the timely and trustworthy money transfer experience to all the Indian Diaspora, Instarem acts as a bridge between India and Germany. It aims to provide financial freedom and flexibility to our customers. We are a real time money transfer app that brings together sender and receiver through our simple technology.


transfer through banks

Banks are the only trusted medium to transfer money from one bank account to another. Banks have proprietary software, infrastructure, technology and reach that no other service provider has. However banks take days to transfer funds from India to Germany or any other country in the world.


We specialise in international money transfer to Germany. We offer competitive rates and higher limits on our instant international money transfers. We can help you move money from India to Germany through SBI and all over the world within 24 hours.

Figured charges

  • For amount <= Rs.1 lakh – 0.12%
  • For amount > Rs. 1 lakh and <= Rs. 10 lakh 0.06%
  • For amount >=Rs.10 lakh – 0.012%


Send money from India to Germany using HDFC Bank’s secure,easy and fast money transfer service. Pay in India, Collect in Germany. Transfer Money Online with HDFC Bank for receiving payments from business partners, family members or friends.

Figured charges

  • For amount <= Rs.1 lakh – 0.12%
  • For amount > Rs. 1 lakh – 0.06%


If you are looking for a reliable bank for your money transfers, HSBC is the perfect choice for you! A partner of yours for over 150 years, we provide money transfer services between India and Germany in the most safe and cost-effective way.

Figured charges

  • 0.3%+tax+Rs.1200


Money transfer through icici bank from india to germany with the best international money transfer rate. You can easily transfer money to your loved ones, friends or family. We give a safe and easy way to do transactions internationally using icici bank money transfer from India  and to Germany .

Figured charges

  • Up to USD 1000 – USD 4 fee
  • Above USD 1000 – zero fees


The Axis Bank Money Transfer facility is a fast and convenient way to send money to your friends and family in India from abroad. The transferred amount is credited directly into the beneficiary’s bank account with immediate effect.


Fastest way to send money from India to Germany

 A money transfer agent will collect your money from any nearby agent location nearest to you and deliver it to the receiver.Using a local agent saves time and money.This way of sending money is only recommended through your family members or loved ones.

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